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Wars and Important Battles - Ancient/Classical History - About.com
Many consider ancient history little more than a series of battles and wars. While not true ... Greek history is marked out by the major battles and wars. The first of ...
Persian Battle of Thermopylae Summary (300 Movie)
Thermopylae (lit. "hot gates") was a pass the Greeks tried to defend in battle against the Persian forces led by Xerxes, in 480 B.C. The Greeks (Spartans and ...
The Battle of Plataea in the Persian Wars - Ancient/Classical History
Spartans, Tegeans, and Athenians fought the Persian army that remained in Greece, at the final battle on Greek soil of the Persian Wars, the Battle of Plataea,  ...
Battle of Thermopylae History - Persian Wars - Military History
Battle of Thermopylae - Background: Having been turned back by the Greeks in 490 BC at the Battle of Marathon, the Persians elected to begin preparing a ...
Battle of Salamis During the Persian Wars - Ancient/Classical History
At a pivotal point in the Persian Wars (492 - 449 B.C.), the Greeks won a decisive victory at the Battle of Salamis, a naval battle that followed the famous Greek ...
Persian Wars - Battles Between the Greek Poleis and the Persians
Resources on the Persian Wars between the Greek city-states and the Persians.
Persian Wars Timeline 492-449 B.C. - Ancient/Classical History
Timeline of the battles and chronology of the Persian Wars between Greece and Darius and Xerxes of Persia.
Battle of Navarino - Greek War of Independence Battle of Navarino
The Battle of Navarino was fought during the Greek War of Independence (1821- 1829). Date: Admiral Sir Edward Codrington defeated the Ottomans on October ...
The Battle of Plataea - Persian War History
The Battle of Plataea was fought in August 479 BC during the Persian Wars. Advancing against the Persians a year after the victory at Salamis, Greek forces ...
Thermopylae - Terms to Know About The Battle of Thermopylae
When reading about the Greeks and Persians at the Battle of Thermopylae, it will help to know the following names and other terms.
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