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Greek Literature - Ancient Greek Literature - Ancient/Classical History
The ancient Greeks made various contributions to the field of literature. They made innovations in poetry, created the genres of tragedy and comedy, and ...
Greek and Roman Literature - Ancient/Classical History - About.com
Resources on the literature of the Greeks and Romans, literature written in Greek and Latin.
Chronological List of Writers of Ancient Greece
A chronological list of ancient Greek writers, from Homer to Menander, along with links to biographies and selected works. ... Ancient Greek Literature ...
Classical Greek and Latin Literature and Authors
Resources on the great classical poets and dramatists from Ancient Greece and Rome, information on public domain editions of the texts of the classical authors,  ...
Books on Ancient Greece - Literature, Greek Mythology, Ancient ...
Books on Ancient Greece - Literature, History and Historical Fiction ... Nancy Sorkin Rabinowitz · Review of Greek Tragedy, by Nancy Sorkin Rabinowitz. Share ...
The Genre of Epic Literature and Poetry - Ancient/Classical History
The Main Epic Poems of Ancient Literature. When we refer to epic poetry in the context of ancient literature, we usually refer to the two Greek poems attributed to.
Classical Writers Directory - Ancient/Classical History - About.com
Here is a quick look at how the genres of Greek and Latin literature evolved and many of the major contributors to the genres -- at least those whose works ...
Homer - Greek writer - Classic literature
"The Iliad," written by Homer, is one of the most famous works of world literature. Written in Greece, "The Iliad" may have been written in the 12th century BCE, ...
The Life and Work of the Ancient Greek Poet Homer
Greeks and Romans didn't count themselves educated unless they knew his poems. His influence was felt not only on literature, but on ethics and morality via  ...
Greek Language and Literature
A guide to the pages from the Ancient / Classical History site at About covering Ancient Greece (especially Athens and Sparta), the Greeks, Hellenes, Argive, ...
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