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Hermes - About Hermes, the Thief, Inventor, and Messenger God
A look at various aspects of the talented and versatile Greek God Hermes ( Mercury in Roman mythology).
Hermes Greek God - Basic Info & Attributes - Ancient/Classical History
Hermes is familiar as the messenger god in Greek mythology. In a related capacity, he brought the dead to the Underworld in his role of "Psychopompos".
Hermes - Facts About the Olympian God - Ancient/Classical History
Hermes, god of trade, guardian of roads, and messenger of the gods. Roman work, 2nd century; after the Greek original from the first half of the 4th century B.C.  ...
The Greek Messenger God Hermes - Ancient/Classical History
Hermes was the Greek messenger god, called Mercury by the Romans. Hermes was an inventer, a trickster, and the Greek god of thieves.
Hermes - The Infant Thief & The First Sacrifice to the Gods
Hermes was just a baby when he established the practice of sacrificing to the 12 Olympian gods.
Hermes the Helpful - Ancient/Classical History - About.com
According to Timothy Gantz, the late author of the encyclopedic Early Greek Myth, two of the epithets (eriounios and phoronis) by which Hermes is known may ...
Hermes - The Messenger in the Odyssey Was Hermes
At the beginning of the Odyssey, Hermes is an effective liaison between the Olympians and the earth-bound deities. It is he whom Zeus sends to Kalypso.
Parents of Hermes - Ancient/Classical History - About.com
The family of the Greek god Hermes in Greek mythology (Mercury, to the Romans ).
Offspring of Hermes - Ancient/Classical History - About.com
It should come as no surprise that the thief Autolycus and the cunning hero of the Odyssey are Hermes' descendants. Autolycus was Hermes' son. Autolycus' ...
Hermes - Herald of the Greek Gods and Goddesses - Greece Travel
Hermes - Find fast facts on the Greek god Hermes, patron of travelers, guide of souls, troubleshooter for Zeus.
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