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Hercules' Labors - 9th Labor of Hercules - Ancient/Classical History
Eurystheus' daughter Admete wanted the belt of Hippolyte, a gift to the queen of the Amazons from the war god Ares. Taking a band of friends with him, Hercules  ...
Apollodorus on Hercules - Ancient/Classical History - About.com
[2.5.9]The ninth labour he [Eurystheus] enjoined on him [Hercules] was to bring the belt of Hippolyte. She was queen of the Amazons, who dwelt about the river ...
Legends of the Amazons and the Legendary Heroes
In the heroes' relations with the Amazons, Achilles mourns, Hercules reaches an agreement with Hippolyte (before Hera steps in), and Bellerophon fights, as he ...
Artists in 60 Seconds: Hippolyte 'Paul' Delaroche - Art History
A biographical profile of Hippolyte ("Paul") Delaroche (1797-1856), French Academic painter.
Jean-Hippolyte Flandrin - Female Nude, nd - Art History - About.com
Becoming an Artist: The Academy in 19th-Century France is third in a series of collaborative exhibitions between the Dahesh Museum of Art and the Louise and  ...
Emma Goldman - Biographic Sketch - Women's History - About.com
by Hippolyte Havel. From the 1917 edition of Emma Goldman's Anarchism and Other Essays. From Jone Johnson Lewis, Your Guide to Women's History.
20 - Madame Bovary - Chapter 20 - Gustave Flaubert (1797-1835)
Now why shouldn't your husband do a turn for poor old Hippolyte at the 'Lion d'Or ?' For one thing, he's bound to give an account of his cure to every traveller ...
Table of Apollodorus on the Labors of Hercules
Belt of Hippolyte, Apollodorus 2.5.9. Cattle of Geryon, Apollodorus 2.5.10. Apples of Hesperides, Apollodorus 2.5.11. Hound of Hades, Apollodorus 2.5.12 ...
The Life and Labors of Heracles -The Heroes of the Quest
When the warrior-woman came near she cried out, "Heracles, the Queen Hippolyte permits you to come amongst the Amazons. Enter her tent and declare to the ...
The 12 Labors of Hercules - Ancient/Classical History - About.com
... Stables of Augeas, Stymphalian Birds, Cretan Bulls, Mares of Diomedes, Belt of Hippolyte, Cattle of Geryon, Apples of Hesperides, and the Hound of Hades.
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