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Hittites - Ancient Hittites - Ancient/Classical History - About.com
The Hittites were ancient inhabitants of north Syria, Asia Minor, and Anatolia.
Hittites - Ancient/Classical History - About.com
Hittites.: ancient inhabitants richard hooker north syria mysterious origins great empire.
Hittite Kingdom Dynasties Timeline - Ancient/Classical History
Timeline of the dynasties of the Hittite Kingdom. ... Below is a king's list for the dynasties of the Hittite old and new kingdoms. Hittite Old Kingdom. 1650 BC - ?
Hittites and the Hittite Empire - About Archaeology
Two different types of "Hittites" are mentioned in the Hebrew Bible (or Old Testament): the Canaanites, who were enslaved by Solomon; and the Neo- Hittites, ...
Hittite Civilization - About Archaeology
The ancient Hittite Civilization includes much more than the small Iron Age city states mentioned in the Hebrew Bible. During its heyday, the Hittites owned all of  ...
The Hittites and Hattusha - About Archaeology
The Hittites were an ancient near eastern civilization located in what is now the modern day country of Turkey, between 1640 and 1200 BC. The ancient history ...
The Lion Gate at Hattusha: City of the Hittites - About Archaeology
When the gate was in use, during the Hittite Empire period between 1343-1200 BC, the stones arched in a parabola, with towers on either side, a magnificent ...
The Upper City of Hattusha, Capital City of the Hittite Empire
A general overview of the city of Hattusha and an introduction to the capital city of the Hittite empire and its archaeology; photo by Nazli Evrim Serifoglu.
The Great Temple of Hattusha, Capital City of the Hittite Empire
The Great Temple at Hattusha was built during the reign of Hattusili III, during the height of the Hittite Empire.
Turkey - Ancient Anatolia - The Hittites in Anatolia
The early residents of ancient Anatolia - The Hittites.
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