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The Huns - Review of The Huns by E.A. Thompson
Review of The Huns, by E.A. Thompson. In the revised edition of The Huns, E. A. Thompson raises questions about the military genius of Attila the Hun.
A map showing the empire of Attila and the Huns. - Ancient/Classical ...
Attila was the fierce 5th century leader of the barbarian group known as the Huns who struck fear in the hearts of the Romans as they plundered everything in ...
Hun-Driven Barbarian Invaders of the Roman Empire
The fate of the Roman Empire would have been different had the Huns not pushed these tribes into Roman territory.
Who Were the Huns? - Asian History - About.com
The Huns remained a distinct group in Europe through the early 8th century. The people of modern Hungary and Bulgaria believe that they are descended from ...
How Did the Huns Impact Europe? - Asian History - About.com
The Huns came out of Central Asia and swept into Europe, and helped bring down the Roman Empire. Learn about all of their effects on Europe here.
Attila the Hun Timeline - Asian History - About.com
Timeline of Attila the Hun, other eras in the history of the Huns, and events surrounding the fall of the Roman Empire.
Attila the Hun - The Huns - Timelines - Asian History - About.com
Biography and timelines describing the rise of the Huns, Attila the Hun's reign, and their downfall. Also shows the final collapse of the Roman Empire, due in part ...
Attila the Hun at the Battle of Chalons - Military History - About.com
Pressing forward they moved up the right side of the ridge with the Huns in the center and the Gepids and Ostrogoths on the right and left respectively. Aetius' ...
Atilla the Hun Biography - Asian History - About.com
... was called the Scourge of God by the Romans. His army helped to hasten the Fall of Rome. Find out about the life and times of this most famous of the Huns.
Attila the Hun Timeline - Asian History - About.com
Single-page timeline of the history of the Huns, with emphasis on the reign of Attila the Hun.
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