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Ancient Eras of Ancient Jewish History - Ancient/Classical History
Timeline of Jewish history from the time of Abraham until roughly the time of Jesus.
Ancient Judaism - Jewish History
Resources on ancient Jewish history, Judaism, the ancient kingdoms of Judea / Judaea and Israel, Jewish Revolts, Jerusalem and Samaria, and historical and ...
Period of the Judges - Ancient/Classical History - About.com
Timeline of Jewish history from the time of Abraham until roughly the time of Jesus.
Jewish History - Judaism - About.com
Highlights about Jewish life in antiquity and under Islamic and Christian rule in the early medieval period. You can also learn about Judaism in the late medieval  ...
Jewish Women's History - Women in Judaism - Jewish Women
Women in Jewish history, ancient to modern, and notable women of Jewish background.
Women in the Bible and Jewish History - Judaism - About.com
Women have played an important role in the bible and in Jewish history. Learn more about them by reading the articles collected on this page.
Dead Sea Scrolls - Ancient Jewish History - Archaeology - About.com
The Dead Sea Scrolls are the name given to a collection of almost 900 documents written in Hebrew and Aramaic dated between third century B.C. to 68 AD.
The Jewish View of Jesus - Judaism - About.com
While Christianity has had and continues to have a major impact on Jews and Judaism, Jesus is not seen as a major figure in Jewish history. Nevertheless, Jews ...
Hebrew Language History and Origins - Judaism - About.com
Hebrew is the official language of the State of Israel. It is a Semitic language spoken by the Jewish people and one of the world's oldest living languages.
Origin of Tallit - History of Jewish Prayer Shaw - Judaism - About.com
Rabbi Barry Dov Lerner describes the origin of the tallit or jewish prayer shaw.
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