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Useful Common Latin Abbreviations Used in English
Here are some useful or important common Latin abbreviations you should know because they are still used in English writing.
Latin Academic Abbreviations - Ancient/Classical History - About.com
When writing an academic paper, there are certain Latin abbreviations you should understand.
Latin Abbreviations - Ancient/Classical History - About.com
The Right Ways to Use the Abbreviations i.e. and e.g. ... When writing an academic paper, there are certain abbreviations, Latin and otherwise, that you should ...
English and Latin Abbreviations in Scholarly Research
This list contains some of the common abbreviations found in scholarly ... English and Latin Abbreviations Used in Research and Scholarship. By Richard ...
Latin Abbreviations Commonly Confused in English
Let's look at four Latin abbreviations that still appear in modern English--and that are often confused with one another.
When to Use i.e. and When to Use e.g. - Ancient/Classical History
Answer: The Latin abbreviations "i.e." and "e.g." come up very frequently in writing and would probably come up more often if people were more sure of when it ...
What Do the Abbreviations on Coins and Inscriptions Say
Then, again, some Roman abbreviations are just like our English ones, and our English ones aren't entirely consistent. In the appendix to his Latin Epigraphy, ...
Understanding Prescription Abbreviations
Dec 5, 2014 ... Now, only one section of the prescription (the directions for taking the drug) uses abbreviations derived from Latin. For the average person, who ...
Scilicet - Sc. - Another Academic Latin Abbreviation
Scilicet is a Latin word that can be translated it is evident, clear, plain, ... Latin Abbreviations in English · Scholarly Latin Academic Abbreviations · What does the ...
What does the Latin Abbreviation AM stand for? - Ancient/Classical ...
The two Latin words, ante and meridiem are a preposition followed by a noun. ... Latin Abbreviations in English · Confusing Greek and Latin Root Words in ...
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