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Latin Declensions - Ancient/Classical History - About.com
The declensions especially differentiate number and case, but gender has a place, too, since when you decline neuter nouns you'll find a couple of oddities that ...
The Genitive Singular in the 5 Latin Declensions - Ancient/Classical ...
When you are trying to translate a Latin noun into English or English into Latin, you should know which of the five declensions the noun falls into. If you know the  ...
Learning Latin Endings - Memorizing Latin Declensions - Ancient ...
This won't help you pass your tests, but... if for some reason you are stuck learning all five Latin declensions at once, it should be somewhat comforting to know ...
Latin endings for nouns of the five declensions in Latin.
10 Articles in: Latin endings for nouns of the five declensions in Latin. ... Confusing Latin Nouns of Different Declensions Aura, Aurum, Auris · These nouns may ...
Case - Use in Declensions - Ancient/Classical History - About.com
ωBasic description of case as it relates to Latin grammar.
Latin Declension Rules - Ancient/Classical History - About.com
This page is about rules for declensions of Latin nouns and adjectives. It assumes you already know what a declension is all about and what the cases are for ...
Os - Latin Noun Declensions - Ancient/Classical History - About.com
The Genitive Singular in the 5 Latin Declensions · Latin Declension Endings - Memorizing Latin Declensions · Basics of Latin · Latin Third Declension Examples ...
The Four German Cases: The Nominative - Werfall
The four German cases - the nominative case.: german nouns masculine nouns personal pronouns gender words german dictionary.
Table of Common Latin Pronouns - Learning Latin
Table of the declensions of common Latin pronouns.
Latin Adjectives 1st and 2nd Declension - Ancient/Classical History
So, since there are more declensions for nouns than adjectives, the number of the declension of the noun cannot possibly have to match the number of the ...
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