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Latin Literature - Ancient/Classical History - About.com
Poetry and prose, from classical, and medieval authors of Latin literature. and information on classical literature.
Silver Age - Latin Literature - Silver Age - Ancient/Classical History
Definition: Silver Age literature is the poetry and prose of the early empire. It is considered slightly inferior to the literature of the Golden Age, although some of ...
Classical Greek and Latin Literature and Authors
Resources on the great classical poets and dramatists from Ancient Greece and Rome, information on public domain editions of the texts of the classical authors,  ...
JW Mackail Latin Literature II EARLY EPIC AND TRAGEDY.
ORIGINS OF LATIN LITERATURE: EARLY EPIC AND TRAGEDY. To the Romans themselves, as they looked back two hundred years later, the beginnings of a ...
Roman Poets - Ancient Latin Literature - Ancient/Classical History
Resources on ancient literature, especially Roman poets and playwrights and their writing.
Latin Literature - II - The Augustan Age - Virgil
Etext of J.W. Mackail Latin Literature Section on The Augustan Age and Chapter on Virgil.
Latin - Latin Language & Literature of the Romans
Resources on the Latin language and Roman literature written in the Latin language.
Roman Authors Timeline - Ancient/Classical History - About.com
Roman writers were heavily influenced by Greek literature. Early Latin writers translated and adapted Greek forms for Roman audiences, beginning after the 1st ...
Roman Literature Timeline - Ancient/Classical History - About.com
Timeline of Latin Literature From Livius Andronicus to the Death of Marcus Aurelius.
History of Roman Literature (1877) - Ancient/Classical History
From a more restricted point of view, the utility of Latin literature may be sought in the practical standard of its thought, and in the almost faultless correctness of ...
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