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Housesteads Fort Latrines - Ancient/Classical History - About.com
These ruins of the public, 12-person latrine at the Roman fort at Housesteads, allow you to appreciate the sanitation system the Romans used. There would have ...
Baths and Bathing - Baths and Hygiene - Cleaning - Latrines - Baths ...
Latrines - Hygiene - Roman Baths. Although to us bathing is a private affair, it was not always so to the ancients who made bathing part of their active social lives ...
Latrine Pictures - The Roman Privy - Ancient/Classical History
Pictures of Roman latrines. The Roman privy or toilet.
Athens, Toilets in the Roman Agora - Photo of Roman Latrines in ...
Roman Latrines - Photo of Athens, Toilets in the Roman Agora.
Roman Latrines - Photo of Roman Latrines in Roman Spain
This picture shows part of bank of toilet seats in public bathroom serving both the Roman Arena and the Roman theatre in Merida (Augustus Emeritus), Spain.
Roman Baths and Hygiene in Ancient Rome
"According to O.F. Robinson, Ancient Rome: City Planning and Administration, there were 144 public latrines in Rome in the later Empire. Apparently mostly ...
Holocaust: Photograph of Women Prisoners in Gurs Waiting to Use ...
Women prisoners in Gurs wait to use the latrines. This photograph was shot secretly by Alice Resch-Synnestvedt during her stay in Gurs as a delegate of the  ...
Ostia Antica - Visiting the Ancient Port of Rome - Pictures and ...
The highest number of elbows to the ribs suffered by most visitors to Ostia Antica is caused by viewing the public latrines. Here, the Ostia Antica latrines are ...
Aqueducts, Water Supply and Sewers in Ancient Rome
May 25, 2007 ... Latrines served 12-60 people at once with no dividers for privacy or toilet paper -- only a sponge on a stick in the water to pass around.
World War One - Fighting in the Trenches
Latrines were a particular cause of odour, to the extent that in some areas both sets of enemy soldiers had an unspoken agreement not to shoot anybody who ...
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