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Lupercalia - The Origins of the Roman Festival
Those looking for the origins of Valentine's Day inevitably encounter the ancient Roman festival of Lupercalia. The Lupercalia festival is described in sometimes ...
Lupercalia - Roman Valentine's Day Holiday
Lupercalia was an annual Roman festival celebrated on February 15. Because Lupercalia has some connection with fertility it is like an early version of a ...
Roman Valentine's Day Holidays - Gamelion & Lupercalia
Cupid, gamelion, Lupercalia, Hieros Gamos, and Valentine's Day. In the month for purification, February, one of the events involved ritual scourging of women by  ...
Lupercalia: Celebrate the Coming of Spring - Paganism & Wicca
Feb 2, 2008 ... The ancient Romans celebrated the festival of Lupercalia in the middle of February. Learn how this Pagan celebration was an early version of ...
Passage From Plutarch's Life of Romulus on the Lupercalia
This is Plutarch's version of the events and origin of the Roman festival of Lupercalia from Plutarch s Life of Romulus.
Holidays and Festivals - Lupercalia, winter solstice celebrations, the ...
Lupercalia, winter solstice celebrations, the Saturnalia, and other Roman and pagan holidays and festivals.
Valentine's Day - Ancient/Classical History - About.com
It may not be fair to say that Valentine's Day has its origin in antiquity, but there were romantic spring holidays (Gamelion and Lupercalia) and a St. Valentine or 2 ...
Lupercalia From Ovid's Fasti in Latin - Ancient/Classical History
Latin Etext of the Lupercalia section of Ovid's Fasti in Latin.
The Valentine's Day Myth of Cupid and Psyche
Those looking for the origins of Valentine's Day inevitably encounter the ancient Roman festival of Lupercalia. Find out what we know about Lupercalia and how ...
German Customs: February - Valentines - Fasching - Karneval
As in the case of other Christian celebrations, Valentine's Day is more likely based on the pagan Roman fertility festival called Lupercalia that took place in ...
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