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Neolithic Period - Definition - Ancient/Classical History - About.com
Definition: There is an archaeological system that divides the span of mankind into three eras, the Stone Age, Bronze Age, and Iron Age. The Neolithic Period is  ...
Ancient China - Periods and Dynasties - Ancient/Classical History
Neolithic, Xia, Shang, Zhou, Qin and Han Dynasties of Ancient China. By N.S. Gill ... 2600-2300 B.C.) Neolithic Period HongKong Museum of Art. CC unforth.
What the Ancient Chinese Accomplished - Ancient/Classical History
Learn about ancient Chinese accomplishments and technological progress made beginning in the Neolithic Period. This covers Ancient China from roughly ...
A Beginner's Guide to the Neolithic Period in Human History
The Neolithic period, broadly defined, is when human beings began to produce their own food--growing plants and tending animals.
Neolithic Art - The New Stone Age - ca 8000-3000 BC - Art History
After the rather ho-hum art of the Mesolithic era, art in the Neolithic (literally: "new stone") age represents a spree of hellzapoppin' innovation. Humans were ...
Neolithic Revolution - Archaeology - About.com
The Neolithic period is when humans first learned to tend plants and animals and eventually domesticate crops and animals. This page links to resources about ...
Chalcolithic Period - Archaeology - About.com
The Chalcolithic is the name given to the period in the Near East and Europe after the Neolithic and before the Bronze Age, between about 4500 and 3500 BC.
Clay Tokens: The Neolithic Seeds of Mesopotamian Writing
Clay Tokens, Uruk Period, Excavated from Susa, Iran - Marie-Lan Nguyen ... with the domestication of plants and animals, during the Neolithic period of at least ...
Animal Domestication: An Illustrated Guide to the History of Animals ...
The broad period in which animal domestication began is called the Neolithic Period, but each animal has its own specific history. Domestication of Animals, a  ...
Neolithic Sites in China - Chinese Neolithic - Archaeology - About.com
Jiahu is an important archaeological site dated to the early Neolithic period, Peiligang ... Liangzhu is the name of a culture of the Late Neolithic Age in China  ...
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