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Descriptions of Nine Roman Military Leaders
Another of the military leaders known mostly through legend, Cincinnatus was plowing his field, when he learned he had been appointed dictator. The Romans  ...
The 10 Greatest Ancient Military Leaders - Ancient/Classical History
When you Google most "greatest" topics in ancient history, you need to insert the keyword "ancient". Not so for warriors or military leaders, although the medieval ...
Rulers Leaders Kings Emperors Dictators Tyrants and Military Leaders
Famous ancient leaders either of armies or of countries. Resources on rulers, kings, emperors, consuls, tyrants, dictators, military leaders (generals), and more.
Who's Who in Medieval History - Index of Military Leaders
Medieval historical figures who led armies into battle and organized campaigns.
Leaders of the American Revolution - Military History - About.com
While many American leaders of the American Revolution had militia experience others were new to military activities. Some American commanders proved ...
Hannibal of Carthage - Ancient/Classical History - About.com
How the leader of Carthage Hannibal overcame tremendous Roman obstacles thereby ensuring his place in history as a great military leader.
World War II: Leaders & People - Military History - About.com
World War II saw the rise of numerous leaders and standout soldiers. In the course of fighting ... General Henry "Hap" Arnold - United States - US Army Air Forces.
Medieval Military Leaders Quiz - Medieval History - About.com
quiz code, stephen chapman, history quizzes, military leaders, medieval history, nbsp.
Military Quotes That Make You Proud - Quotations - About.com
Noted military leaders and statesmen have left the world richer with their insight and vision. Dwight D. Eisenhower is notable not only for his leadership on the ...
Military History People and Places - About.com
Military leaders have the ability to not just command troops in battle, but to inspire their men to achieve great things. Throughout the centuries, thousands have ...
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