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Knossos - Minoan Palace in Knossos - Ancient/Classical History
In 1900, Sir Arthur Evans bought the site where ruins had been found, and then worked on the restoration of its Minoan palace. There were two sets of palaces at  ...
Minoan Bronze Age - Minoan Civilization of Ancient Crete
Sir Arthur Evans, responsible for the excavations at Knossos, defined the Minoan period of Crete as a major civilization from c. 1900-1300 B.C. Besides Knossos ...
Minoan Art - Art Work From Knossos and Minoan Akrotiri
Dartmouth's Lesson 14: Late Minoan Painting and Other Representational Art: Pottery, Frescoes, Steatite Vases, Ivories, and Bronzes. "Boys Will Be Boys: Youth ...
Timeline and Description of the Minoans - About Archaeology
We don't really know what the Minoans called themselves--the ancient early Bronze Age culture in Greece was named for the legendary King Minos.
Minoan Culture of Greece - About Archaeology
The Minoan culture is that part of the Greek civilization between about 3000 and 1000 BC, and largely centered in the Crete.
Linear A - Undeciphered Writing System of the Minoans
Linear A is what archaeologists call the first written language of the Minoan people on the island of Crete, used during the Proto-palatial period (1900-1700 BC).
Minoan Air - Greece Travel - About.com
Now there is a new plane on the tarmac, Minoan Air, which started operating out of Heraklion Airport in June 2012 with a fleet of four 50-seat turboprop ...
The Palace of Minos at Knossos in Ancient Crete - About Archaeology
The Palace of Minos, excavated by Arthur Evans, is a standard Minoan palace of extraordinary size, begun during the prepalatial period of the Minoan ...
Peak Sanctuary - What is a Minoan Peak Sanctuary
A peak sanctuary is a type of shrine, a cult or ritual space associated with the Minoan cultures of the Bronze Age Aegean.
Minoan Lines - Minoan Ferries in Greece - Greece Travel - About.com
Minoan Lines offers ferries from Athens to Crete and from Italy to mainland Greece, among other destinations. The Crete route ferries are large ferries which are ...
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