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Mistletoe - Lore and Origins of Mistletoe - Ancient/Classical History
Five days after the first new moon following the winter solstice, Druid priests cut mistletoe with a golden sickle from a special oak tree and had to catch the ...
The Death of Balder in Norse Mythology - Ancient/Classical History
With all the information he needed, Loki set off to the forest to get himself a branch of mistletoe. He then returned to the festivities at Gladsheim and sought out ...
Kissing Under the Mistletoe - From Celts to Kisses - Landscaping
Learn how kissing under the mistletoe originated. History tells us that this practice has its roots in Celtic rituals and Norse mythology.
Mistletoe: Myths, Mysteries and Medicine - Paganism & Wicca
Although today we use it to get a kiss, mistletoe has been traced back to early Greek and Druid ceremonies. What is it that makes mistletoe so special?
Mistletoe Toxicity - Is Mistletoe Really Poisonous? - Chemistry
Kissing under the mistletoe is a holiday tradition. Eating it is not, because mistletoe has a reputation as being poisonous. Yet many of us know someone who ate ...
Fun Facts About Mistletoe - Environmental Issues - About.com
Everyone knows about the power of mistletoe at Christmas, right? It makes holiday romance democratic by making everyone equally kissable—friends, ...
Mistletoe by Walter de la Mare - Poetry - About.com
Mistletoe. gif. Walter de la Mare (1913). clr gif. Sitting under the mistletoe (Pale- green, fairy mistletoe), One last candle burning low, All the sleepy dancers gone,
Is Mistletoe Really Poisonous? - Chemistry - About.com
Nov 29, 2013 ... Kissing under the mistletoe is a holiday tradition. Eating it is not, because mistletoe has a reputation as being poisonous. Yet many of us know ...
Holiday Plants That Are Poisonous to Pets - Veterinary Medicine
A couple of holiday plants, specifically Mistletoe and Holly, are considered to be moderately to severely toxic, and you should call your veterinarian or poison ...
Tequila Tezon Mistletoe Cocktail Recipe - About.com Cocktails
Cocktail recipe for a Tezon Mistletoe, a Tezon Blanco tequila, triple sec, pomegranate juice and Champagne drink that is perfect for the Christmas parties and ...
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