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Neolithic Period - Definition - Ancient / Classical History - About.com
There is an archaeological system that divides the span of mankind into three eras, the Stone Age, Bronze Age, and Iron Age. The Neolithic Period is part of the  ...
Neolithic Era - Ancient / Classical History - About.com
The Neolithic Era refers to the period when people lived in villages but were still using stone tools.
Ancient China - Periods and Dynasties - Ancient / Classical History
Majiayao Culture: Banshan type (c. 2600-2300 B.C.) Neolithic Period HongKong Museum of Art. CC unforth. Chinese recorded history goes back more than ...
Neolithic Art - The New Stone Age - ca 8000-3000 BC - Art History
After the rather ho-hum art of the Mesolithic era, art in the Neolithic (literally: "new stone") age represents a spree of hellzapoppin' innovation. Humans were ...
Neolithic - About.com Guide to the Neolithic - About Archaeology
The Neolithic period, broadly defined, is when human beings began to produce their own food--growing plants and tending animals.
Neolithic Revolution - About Archaeology
The Neolithic period is when humans first learned to tend plants and animals and eventually domesticate crops and animals. This page links to resources about ...
Neolithic Sites in China - Chinese Neolithic - About Archaeology
This list of Neolithic sites in Western Asia was assembled for the About.com Guide ... Jiahu is an important archaeological site dated to the early Neolithic period, ...
Art of the Mesolithic Age (ca 10,000-8,000 BC)
From this distance, it's not nearly as fascinating as the discovery of (and innovations in) the art of the preceding era. And the art of the subsequent Neolithic era is ...
Pre-Pottery Neolithic - About Archaeology
The Pre-Pottery Neolithic (abbreviated PPN) is the name given to the people who ... at the same time, leading the Tübingen-Iranian Stone Age Research Project ...
Pictures of Ancient Chinese Pottery and Ceramics
Early ceramics, during the Neolithic period (before bronze) were mostly utilitarian or ritual vessels made of clay and, generally, painted. By 4000 B.C. there were ...
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