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Otho - Roman Emperor Imperator Marcus Otho Caesar Augustus
Otho (Marcus Salvius Otho, born on 28 April A. D. 32 and died on 16 April A.D. 69 ) of Etruscan ancestry and the son of a Roman knight, was emperor of Rome in ...
Otho - Roman Emperor Otho - Ancient/Classical History - About.com
Otho (Marcus Salvius Otho, born on 28 April A. D. 32) was emperor of Rome from mid-January to mid-March in A.D. 69, between the time when he deposed the ...
12 Caesars - The First Dozen Emperors of Rome
Suetonius chronicles Julius Caesar and the 5 Julio-Claudians in Books 1-6, Galba, Otho, and Vitellius in the 7th book, and the Flavian emperors in the 8th book.
About Poppaea Sabina - Women's History - About.com
Poppaea was married first to Rufrius Crispinus, then to the future (brief) emperor Otho. When Poppaea became mistress of the emperor Nero, Otho's friend, Nero ...
Poppaea Sabina - Profile of Poppaea Sabina
Poppaea Sabina was the mistress of one Roman emperor, Nero, at the same time she was the wife of Marcus Salvius Otho -- later to become one of the ...
"Agrippina" Opera by Handel - Synopsis - Classical Music - About.com
Lesbus tells everyone that the commander of the army, Otho, valiantly saved Claudius' life. In fact, because of this heroic feat, Claudius promised Otho that he  ...
Roman Emperors -Gallery of 36 Roman Emperors
Imperator Marcus Otho Caesar Augustus - Clipart.com. Otho. Otho. Sestertius of Vespasian commemorating the capture of Judaea. - Public Domain. Courtesy of ...
Vitellius - Suetonius The Life of Aulus Vitellius
X. He heard of the victory at Bedriacum [707], and the death of Otho, whilst he was yet in Gaul, and without the least hesitation, by a single proclamation, ...
Galba - Roman Emperor Galba - Ancient/Classical History - About.com
After Nero committed suicide, Galba, who was in Hispania, became emperor, coming to Rome in October 68, in the company of Otho, governor of Lusitania.
Galba (68-69 A.D.) Roman Emperor Galba - Ancient/Classical History
After Nero committed suicide, Galba became emperor, coming to Rome in October 68, in the company of Otho, governor of Lusitania (modern Portugal). Galba ...
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