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Prehistory to Dark Age Timeline of Ancient Greece
As you may notice on this timeline of Greek prehistory and the Dark Age, dates are only very approximate. Mycenaean refers to the late Bronze Age (c.1600 ...
Prehistory to the Middle Ages - Ancient/Classical History - About.com
Ancient History: From Prehistory to the Early Middle Ages. Europe's Kingdoms ( From the Ashes of the Roman Empire) Part I. 395 A.D. Map. Rome AD 395
Prehistoric Archaeology - What is Prehistoric Archaeology
Prehistoric archaeology is one of those chewy definitions that not everybody agrees on. Mostly, as compared to historical archaeology, prehistoric archaeology ...
Prehistoric Europe - Guide to Prehistoric Europe - Archaeology
A brief summary of the major prehistory points, from Homo erectus to Rome.
Women in Prehistory - Books Recommended - Gender Archeology ...
Some recommendations for reading about women in prehistory, from scholarly texts to popular accounts. What does archeology tell us about the past of women  ...
Cuba History - Archaeology and Prehistory of Cuba - Precolumbian ...
Archaic Cuba. Many of the oldest sites in Cuba are located in caves and rock shelters on the interior valleys and along the coast. Among these, the Levisa rock  ...
Timeline of Caribbean Prehistory - Precolumbian Caribbean Timeline
Refer to this page to learn more about the archaeology of ancient Caribbean islands and their prehistory.
Prehistoric Tools - Tools of Prehistory - Prehistoric Tools - Archaeology
This list of prehistoric tools links to details on the characteristics which make the tools distinctive, and the archaeological evidence used to recognize them.
Inventions - Human Inventions Throughout Prehistory - Inventions
Technological innovations are what human beings are best at. Here is a collection of information about human inventions such as writing, pottery, and the wheel.
Were There Giants in Prehistory? - About Archaeology
Feb 11, 2008 ... article to support a theory that there were giants in prehistory. That article of mine was sorely in need of updating anyway, and so I was happy to ...
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