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Calendars of Ancient Rome - Julian Calendar - ROMAN CALENDAR
Calendars of ancient Rome. Roman and Julian calendars.
Ancient Roman Calendar Terminology - Ancient/Classical History
Roman Calendar Terminology - Nones, Kalends, Ides, and Pridie, their connection with the Roman lunar month and their places on the Julian calendar.
Julian Dates - On the Roman Calendar - Ancient/Classical History
When Julius Caesar returned to Rome, having spent time in Egypt where he learned about the workings of their far more functional calendar from Sosigenes of ...
What Was the Format of the Roman Calendar?
A description of the basics on the appearance of the Roman calendar.
Roman Calendar Abbreviations
These are the abbreviations of the ancient Roman calendar.
Nones - Roman Calendar Nones
Why does nones in the Roman calendar mean nine?
The Ancient Calendar - Ancient/Classical History - About.com
"Be quiet! The Roman calendar is the most perfect yet devised. It has twelve months." "Except when it has thirteen, as this year." "And all of these months have  ...
Roman Calendar of Events for August (sextilis)
Events on the calendar primarily from Ancient Rome.
Month of Februarius February in the Roman Calendar - Ancient ...
When Rome's founder established the calendar. He determined there'd be ten months in every year. You knew more about swords than stars, Romulus, surely,
Who Is the Julian of the Julian Calendar? What Is It?
Answer: The Julian Calendar is named for its creator, Julius Caesar. Among the offices he held, Caesar was Pontifex Maximus, the highest Roman priest.
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