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Ancient Roman Calendar Terminology - Ancient/Classical History
Roman Calendar Terminology - Nones, Kalends, Ides, and Pridie, their connection with the Roman lunar month and their places on the Julian calendar.
Calendars of Ancient Rome - Julian Calendar - ROMAN CALENDAR
Calendars of ancient Rome. Roman and Julian calendars.
Julian Dates - On the Roman Calendar - Ancient/Classical History
When Julius Caesar returned to Rome, having spent time in Egypt where he learned about the workings of their far more functional calendar from Sosigenes of ...
Nones - Roman Calendar Nones
Why does nones in the Roman calendar mean nine?
Roman Calendar Abbreviations
These are the abbreviations of the ancient Roman calendar.
What Was the Format of the Roman Calendar?
A description of the basics on the appearance of the Roman calendar.
The Ancient Calendar - Ancient/Classical History - About.com
Caesar turned to Egypt for guidance with the difficult Roman calendar. The Ancient Egyptians predicted the annual Nile flooding on the basis of the appearance ...
Month of Februarius February in the Roman Calendar - Ancient ...
Here is a passage Plutarch's life of Numa Pompilius on the Roman calendar. Sections about the Roman month Februarius (February) are highlighted.
When Did We Switch to Our Calendar? - Ancient/Classical History
An attempt to explain the calendar changes from Roman to the modern version to answer this question: "When and how did people switch counting the days in a ...
Roman Calendar of Events for August (sextilis)
Events on the calendar primarily from Ancient Rome.
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