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Roman Dictators - Ancient/Classical History - About.com
The behavior of the Roman dictators changed over time, eventually turning into the ruthless, murdering heads of state we now think of (e.g., Sulla), but that's not ...
List of the 5 Worst Roman Emperors - Ancient/Classical History
All Roman emperors had faults that ancient historians and biographers criticized. Many emperors had unusual sexual appetites and more were guilty of murder, ...
12 Caesars - The First Dozen Emperors of Rome
Thes Suetonius-based list includes Julius Caesar and the first 11 emperors of Rome, from the Julio-Claudians through the Flavians.
Camillus - 4th Century Dictator of Rome - Ancient/Classical History
396 B.C.), who died in a Roman plague in 356 B.C., is called the second founder of Rome. He was dictator five times, according to Plutarch. In a public domain ...
Roman Emperors -Gallery of 36 Roman Emperors
A visual who's who of 36 of the Roman emperors. Put a face to emperors like Julian who put an end to the dynasty of Constantine and tried to bring back ...
The Period of Five Good Emperors - Ancient Roman History
After the period of the 12 Caesars came a time when Rome was ruled by five good emperors in a row. At the start of the first chapter of his Decline and Fall of the ...
Lucius Quinctius Cincinnatus - Republican Leader of Rome
Overview: Cincinnatus was a Roman farmer, dictator, and consul from the legendary period of Roman history. He gained fame as a model of Roman virtue.
Julius Caesar and His Rise to Power in the Roman Republic
Sulla, Roman dictator at the time, instigated this carnage: Ads ... Although when we think of dictators we think of men and women who want enduring power, ...
Roman Imperial Succession in the Julio-Claudian Era
The two family names are combined in the form Julio-Claudian. The Julio- Claudian era covers the first few Roman emperors, Augustus, Tiberius, Caligula,  ...
Roman Republic Government's Three Branches
Sometimes dictators were at the head of the Roman Republic. Between 501-202 B.C. there were 85 such appointments. Normally, dictators served for 6 months ...
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