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Cross-Cultural Writing, Epigraphy & Scripts - Ancient/Classical History
Writing: Hieroglyphs, Cuneiform, Epigraphy & Scripts ... writing, and writing about writing in ancient Mediterranean countries, including the dead sea scrolls.
Linear A and Linear B - Decipherment - Ancient/Classical History
By N.S. Gill's Ancient/Classical History Glossary ... are logograms, number symbols, and word separators, according to Ancient Scripts. ... Other Ancient Scripts.
The Script Writing of Ancient China - Ancient/Classical History
About the ancient script of the ancient Chinese, its legend and history, and its ... Inscriptions also produced Chinese scripts by means of tools that removed rather  ...
Undeciphered Scripts - Images of Ancient Undeciphered Scripts
Undeciphered scripts are remnants of ancient languages that historians and archaeologists and linguists and paleolinguists and lexicographers have yet to ...
Ancient Writing - Written Languages and Ancient Writing - Archaeology
Ancient writing began about 5000 years ago, as far as we can tell. The earliest books of ... Undeciphered scripts have a fascination all their own. Hieroglyphs ...
Olmec Language - Undeciphered Olmec Language - Archaeology
... The Cascajal Block · Deciphering Linear B · Seals of the Indus Civilization · Cracking the Khipu Code · Ancient Scripts · Decoding Antiquity (Robinson) ...
Minoan Script - Undeciphered Minoan Script Linear A - Archaeology
The "legendary" aspect of the ancient Cretans, after all, only makes their language ... Seals of the Indus Civilization · Cracking the Khipu Code · Ancient Scripts ...
Ancient Sanskrit Language Overview - Ancient/Classical History
Sanskrit is the ancient language of India and the Indian subcontinent. Its literature , the ... Early Sanskrit was written using Brahmi or Kharosthi scripts. It is now ...
Indus Script - Undeciphered Indus Script - Archaeology - About.com
Decoding antiquity: Eight scripts that still can't be read. ... Seals of the Indus Civilization · Cracking the Khipu Code · Ancient Scripts · Decoding Antiquity ...
Mayan Hieroglyphs - Ancient/Classical History - About.com
Ancient/Classical History Expert. Share this ... Only a small number of other ancient peoples invented writing: Mesopotamia ... Source: Ancient Scripts: Maya.
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