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Triumph - For the Romans - Ancient/Classical History - About.com
A Roman triumph was more than a victory. The Senate (usually) decreed a triumph on the basis of a particularly important win and other criteria, for instance, the ...
Julius Caesar Declined a Triumph - Ancient/Classical History
The triumph was a singular honor for a Roman military commander, but Julius Caesar rejected a triumph in favor of a consulship.
Boys' and Girls' Plutarch: A Roman Triumph from the Life of Paulus ...
A Roman Triumph from the Life of Paulus Aemilius. Paulus Aemilius, advanced in years, being nearly threescore, yet vigorous in his own person, and rich in ...
Spolia - About Roman Plunder or Spolia - Ancient/Classical History
... Social Culture/Social Structure of the Ancient Rome · Triumph - Roman Triumph ... and armor taken by the Roman commander-in-chief from the enemy king.
Pompey's Triumphs - Ancient/Classical History - About.com
Pompey was awarded the Roman political hoopla of a triumph on three occasions.
Livy Roman History - Ancient/Classical History - About.com
There, when a triumph was refused by a large majority of the patricians, ... would do if the Roman people mindful of their liberty recovered at home through them, ...
Learn the Parts of the Roman Name - Ancient/Classical History
During the Republic, Roman male citizens might be referred to by the tria ... The Roman Family and Daily Life in Ancient Rome · Triumph - Roman Triumph ...
Edward Gibbon - The Decline And Fall Of The Roman Empire ...
Even in the splendor of the Roman triumph, Diocletian had meditated his design of abdicating the government. As he wished to secure the obedience of ...
Imperium - Roman Magistrates With Imperium
Here are the Roman officials who had imperium during the Roman Republic. ... Rome · Learn About the Roman Republic · Julius Caesar Declined a Triumph.
A Picture of the Buildings in the Roman Forum
The Roman Forum (Forum Romanum) began as a market place, but became the ... This artist's drawing of a reconstruction of the Roman Forum shows in the .... Roman Forum · Roman Forum · Temple of Solomon · Triumph - Roman Triumph ...
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