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Triumph - For the Romans - Ancient/Classical History - About.com
A Roman triumph was more than a victory. The Senate (usually) decreed a triumph on the basis of a particularly important win and other criteria, for instance, the ...
Julius Caesar Declined a Triumph - Ancient/Classical History
The Roman Senate did not grant a triumph to a victorious general lightly. There was protocol to follow and and there were conditions to be met. Over time the ...
Boys' and Girls' Plutarch: A Roman Triumph from the Life of Paulus ...
A Roman Triumph from the Life of Paulus Aemilius. Paulus Aemilius, advanced in years, being nearly threescore, yet vigorous in his own person, and rich in ...
Pompey's Triumphs - Ancient/Classical History - About.com
His victories in the East were the occasion of his third and last Roman triumph. There were two others earlier. That a triple triumph was a momentous feat is ...
Spolia - About Roman Plunder or Spolia - Ancient/Classical History
Mythology - Gods and Goddesses · Greek and Roman Gods Everyone ... Social Culture/Social Structure of the Ancient Rome · Triumph - Roman Triumph; Spolia  ...
Livy Roman History - Ancient/Classical History - About.com
There, when a triumph was refused by a large majority of the patricians, ... would do if the Roman people mindful of their liberty recovered at home through them, ...
Boys' and Girls' Plutarch: From The Life of Quintus Fabius Maximus
A Roman Triumph; from the Life of Paulus Aemilius ... Upon this success, Fabius had a triumph decreed him at Rome, much more splendid than his first; they ...
Roman Emperor Titus Biography
He also inaugurated the Roman colosseum, the amphitheater that his father had ... he shared the triumph with Vespasian when he returned to Rome in June 71.
III - Edward Gibbon - The Decline And Fall Of The Roman Empire ...
Etext of The Decline And Fall Of The Roman Empire Volume 1. ... that memorable aera, as well as the success of his arms, by the pomp of a Roman triumph.
Lucius Verus - Roman Emperor
Lucius Verus was a Roman emperor who ruled with the famously Stoic emperor, Marcus Aurelius.
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