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Triumph - For the Romans - Ancient/Classical History - About.com
A Roman triumph was more than a victory. The Senate (usually) decreed a triumph on the basis of a particularly important win and other criteria, for instance, the ...
Julius Caesar Declined a Triumph - Ancient/Classical History
The triumph was a singular honor for a Roman military commander, but Julius Caesar rejected a triumph in favor of a consulship.
Pompey's Triumphs - Ancient/Classical History - About.com
Pompey was awarded the Roman political hoopla of a triumph on three occasions.
Roman Wars, Battles, and Campaigns - Ancient/Classical History
Famous ancient Roman battles and wars. ... Major Battles of the Roman Empire · Names and dates of wars and major battles of the Roman Empire. Share ...
Learn the Parts of the Roman Name - Ancient/Classical History
You may, therefore, find what we think of as the traditional ancient Roman ... The Roman Family and Daily Life in Ancient Rome · Triumph - Roman Triumph ...
Imperium - Roman Magistrates With Imperium
Here are the Roman officials who had imperium during the Roman Republic. ... Rome · Learn About the Roman Republic · Julius Caesar Declined a Triumph.
Roman Emperor Tiberius Basic Facts and Timeline
Tiberius was the son of Livia, wife of the first Roman emperor, Augustus. Reluctantly ... Tiberius received an ovation and a triumph in 9 and 7 B.C.. Julia and ...
Ancient Roman Terms for Students of early and Republican Rome ...
A list of basic ancient Roman terms for students of early and Republican Rome to know. ... The Roman Republic · Learn About the Roman Triumph · Early Rome ...
Roman Emperor Titus Biography
He also inaugurated the Roman colosseum, the amphitheater that his father had ... he shared the triumph with Vespasian when he returned to Rome in June 71.
Roman Culture - Ancient/Classical History - About.com
Roman culture includes its architecture and technology, entertainment system, ... and Roman theater, its literature, medicine, religion and myth, and philosophy. ... Soldiers · Roman Triumph · Etruscan Gods and Their Roman Counterpart...
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