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Triumph - For the Romans - Ancient/Classical History - About.com
A Roman triumph was more than a victory. The Senate (usually) decreed a triumph on the basis of a particularly important win and other criteria, for instance, the ...
Julius Caesar Declined a Triumph - Ancient/Classical History
The triumph was a singular honor for a Roman military commander, but Julius Caesar rejected a triumph in favor of a consulship.
Boys' and Girls' Plutarch: A Roman Triumph from the Life of Paulus ...
A Roman Triumph from the Life of Paulus Aemilius. Paulus Aemilius, advanced in years, being nearly threescore, yet vigorous in his own person, and rich in ...
Spolia - About Roman Plunder or Spolia - Ancient/Classical History
... and armor taken by the Roman commander-in-chief from the enemy king. ... Culture/Social Structure of the Ancient Rome · Triumph - Roman Triumph; Spolia  ...
Pompey's Triumphs - Ancient/Classical History - About.com
Pompey was awarded the Roman political hoopla of a triumph on three occasions.
Livy Roman History
There, when a triumph was refused by a large majority of the patricians, ... would do if the Roman people mindful of their liberty recovered at home through them, ...
Imperium - Roman Magistrates With Imperium
Here are the Roman officials who had imperium during the Roman Republic. ... Rome · Learn About the Roman Republic · Julius Caesar Declined a Triumph.
September Calendar Fasti Roman Greek Festival Days
Festival days in Ancient Rome, in Greece, and Egypt in the month of September.
Learn the Parts of the Roman Name - Ancient/Classical History
You may, therefore, find what we think of as the traditional ancient Roman ... The Roman Family and Daily Life in Ancient Rome · Triumph - Roman Triumph ...
Templum - Ancient/Classical History - About.com
... Entry from William Smith's A Dictionary of Greek and Roman Antiquities (1875). ... Triumph - Roman Triumph · Rome - Maps of Ancient Rome · Maps of Europe ...
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