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Sabines - Ancient/Classical History - About.com
The Sabines were an early Italic people who lived northeast of Rome. Livy tells of several wars between the ancient Romans and the Sabines. In 290 B.C. the ...
Livy on the Founding of Rome - Ancient/Classical History - About.com
Nor did they confine their feelings of indignation to their own home only, but they flocked from all quarters to Titus Tatius, king of the Sabines, and embassies ...
Numa Pompilius - About the Roman King Numa Pompilius
There was considerable unrest between the original Romans and the Sabines who had joined them after the city was founded over who would be the next king.
Myths and Legends Founding of Rome - Ancient/Classical History
Romulus held games in honour of the god Consus, and invited people from the Sabine communities roundabout. While they were watching the games, Romulus  ...
Women Who Were Models of Roman Virtue - Ancient/Classical History
They held a family festival to which they invited their neighbors, the Sabines. At a signal, the Romans snatched all the young unmarried women and carried them ...
About Numa Pompilius - Ancient/Classical History - About.com
He was a Sabine, from Cures, son-in-law of the Titus Tatius who had ruled jointly (until the death of his wife) with Romulus, and as such would help cement the ...
Tarpeian Rock - About the Roman Tarpeian Rock
Tarpeia's death resulted from a war between the Romans and Sabines. Romulus abducted Sabine women for the purposes of providing Romans with wives and ...
Livy Roman History - Ancient/Classical History - About.com
The Sabines fell to the lot of Horatius, the Aequans to Valerius. After they had proclaimed a levy for these wars, through the good offices of the commons, not ...
The Italic Dialects - Ancient/Classical History - About.com
These and the early form of Latin spoken by the Romans, Sabines (perhaps Oscan speakers [source: Italic Languages]), and Latium are considered similar ...
The Seven Early Kings of Rome - Ancient History
Romulus was the legendary founder of Rome. The Sabine king of Cures, Tatius, co-ruled with Romulus from the time of the rape of the Sabine women until his ...
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