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Scythians in the Ancient World - Ancient/Classical History - About.com
Scythians -- a Greek designation -- were an ancient group of people from Central Eurasia distinguished from others of the area by their customs and their contact ...
Ancient Steppes Tribes - The People Who Lived in the Ancient ...
The Scythians (Sakans to the Persians) lived in the Steppes, from the 7th to the 3rd century ... Scythians and Medes may have attacked Urartu in the 7th century.
Who Were the Amazons? Did They Really Exist?
However, the Amazons didn't know how to sail so they floundered until they landed by the cliffs of the Scythians. There they took horses and fought the people.
Who Were the Scythians - Asian History - About.com
Definition: The Scythians were a nomadic people who lived in Central Asia and parts of Eastern Europe between c. 900 BCE and c. 350 CE. Related to the ...
Jug with Scenes of Scythians - Greek - ca 350-325 BC - Art History
This gold vessel, buried with a woman and possibly used by a priestess for ritual purposes, is embellished with a relief frieze featuring three pairs of Scythians ...
Gothic History and Origins of the Goths - Ancient/Classical History
The ancient Greeks considered the Goths to be Scythians . The name Scythian is used in Herodotus (440 B.C.) to describe barbarians who lived on their horses ...
History of Herodotus - Contents of the History of Herodotus
[Describes the origin of the Scythians.] Book 5 · Book 6 [Includes Battle of Marathon 490 B.C.] Book 7 [Includes Battle of Thermopylae 480 B.C.] Book 8 · Book 9 ...
Wordless Wednesday Picture Gallery - Ancient/Classical History
The Scythians were pastoral nomadic horsemen of the Steppes. Scythian youth from a Roman table 2nd Century B.C. - Photo CC Flickr user covilha. Scythian ...
Ancient Iran - Persia and the Persian Empire
Three major groups are identifiable--the Scythians, the Medes (the Amadai or Mada), and the Persians (also known as the Parsua or Parsa). The Scythians ...
Events leading up to the Persian Wars - Ancient/Classical History
Going east, he conquered part of the Indian Subcontinent and attacked tribes of the Steppe, like the Scythians, but never conquered them. Nor was Darius able ...
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