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Strabo - Ancient/Classical History - About.com
The Augustan Age writer Strabo of Amaseia (a Greek city on the south coast of the Black Sea) (c. 64 B.C. - c. A.D. 21) wrote a Geography in 17 books. It contains  ...
Ancient Historians on Meroe - Ancient/Classical History - About.com
Ancient writers Herodotus (Greek; 5th century B.C.) and Strabo (Greek who may have had Roman citizenship; 1st century A.D. Augustan Age) traveled to Meroe.
Classical Abbreviations for Authors and Their Works
Sophocles, Trachiniae; Strab.: Strabo, Geography; Suet. Aug.: Suetonius, Divus Augustus; Suet. Cal.: Suetonius, Caligula; Suet. Cl.: Suetonius, Divus Claudius ...
World Maps - Ancient Views of the World - Ancient/Classical History
19th C reconstruction of Strabo 's 18 AD world view. Despite the broadening of the geographic horizons from the geography of Eratosthenes, Strabo's inhabited  ...
Ancient Historians of Ancient India - Ancient/Classical History
Megasthenes, wrote an Indika and is probably the most valuable of these writers, followed by Strabo, Arrian, Pliny the Elder, Diodorus Siculus, Plutarch, and ...
The History of Rome, by Theodor Mommsen - From The Union of ...
BOOK THIRD Notes For Chapter VII. 1. According to the account of Strabo these Italian Boii were driven by the Romans over the Alps, and from them proceeded ...
Homeric Geography - The Geography in the Homeric Epics
In the ancient world, Strabo (63/64 B.C.-c. A.D. 24), the renowned ancient Greek geographer from Pontus, was at pains to locate places mentioned in the ...
Alexandria in Ancient Egypt - Ancient/Classical History - About.com
Ads. &ensp. &ensp. &ensp. The geographer Strabo visited Alexandria in 25 B.C. and wrote a description of it, an excerpt of which is provided below.
91-86 B.C. - Sulla and the Social War - Ancient/Classical History
Pompeius Strabo, who become consul in 89 and afterwards, proconsul in northern Italy, came from Picenum, as did his more famous son, Pompey the Great.
Bibliography of Roman Britain - Ancient/Classical History - About.com
Of geographical and general information we gain most from Strabo, in the Augustan age, who tells what earlier and greater geographers than himself had ...
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