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Sumerian Gods - Primary Deities - Names and Functions
Names and functions or identities of the primary Sumerian deities.
Mesopotamian Timeline - Sumerian developments to 1000 B.C. ...
4000-1000 BC Sumerian Timeline. 4000 Sumerians arrive in Mesopotamia; 3750 Eridu is earliest known walled Sumerian city [Mesopotamia, by Jane Shuter] ...
Timelines 5000-1595 B.C. Sumer
Before Gilgamesh ruled Uruk, as its 4th king (sometimes considered historical), the Sumerian King list provides the following data, with some even more ...
4000-1000 BC Sumerian Timeline - Ancient/Classical History
4000-1000 B.C. Sumerian Timeline. 4000 - Sumerians arrive in Mesopotamia. 3800 - Sumerians supplant Ubaidians in Mesopotamia and start cities.
An Introduction to Sumer in Ancient History - Ancient/Classical History
In time, another Semitic group, the Akkadians, migrated from the Arabian Peninsula to the area of the Sumerian city-states. The Sumerians gradually came under ...
Ur - About the Ancient Sumerian City - Ancient/Classical History
Ur was an ancient Sumerian city that is thought to have been settled in the late sixth millennium, during the Ubaid Period. By about 3000 B.C., the area of Ur was  ...
An - About the Sumerian God An - Ancient/Classical History
An, a sky god, and Ninhursag were probably the progenitors of the other gods in the Sumerian pantheon. An's wife may have been Nammu. He is sometimes ...
Sumerian Empire - Agnosticism/Atheism - About.com
Glossary of Religion and Philosophy - Sumerian Empire.
The Sumerian goddess of love and war, Inanna or Ishtar, was ...
The Sumerian goddess of love and war, Inanna or Ishtar, was Nanna's daughter and associated with the Underworld.
Nanna is another name for the Sumerian moon god Sin.
Nanna was another name for the Sumerian moon god Sin. Born to Ninlil when Enlil raped her. He decides the fate of the dead.
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