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Cornelius Tacitus - Roman Historian - Ancient/Classical History
Little is known for certain about the origins of Tacitus, although he is believed to have been born, around A.D. 56, into a provincial aristocratic family in Gaul ...
The Roman Emperor Tacitus - Ancient/Classical History - About.com
Tacitus (Marcus Claudius Tacitus) was Roman emperor from 275-6. His full title was "Imperator Caesar Marcus Claudius Tacitus Pius Felix Invictus Augustus".
Introduction to the Agricola by Tacitus - Ancient/Classical History
His full name was Caius Cornelius Tacitus. The date of his birth can only be arrived at by conjecture, and then only approximately. The younger Pliny speaks of ...
Historians of Rome - Tacitus - Ancient/Classical History - About.com
P. Cornelius Tacitus (A.D. 56 - c. 120) may have been the greatest Roman historian. He held the positions of senator, consul, and provincial governor of Asia.
Guide Picks - Top Nine Tacitus Books - Ancient/Classical History
Cornelius Tacitus, senator and consul of Rome, may have been the greatest Roman historian. Since he thought the absolute power wielded by emperors ...
Latin Literature - III - The Empire - Tacitus. - Ancient/Classical History
LATIN LITERATURE BY J. W. MACKAIL III THE EMPIRE. III TACITUS. The end, however, was not yet; and in the generation which immediately followed, the ...
Boudicca Leads a Rebellion Against the Romans, by Tacitus
An excerpt from The Annals by Tacitus, written 109 C.E., detailing the story of the rebellion of Celtic tribes in Britain against the Romans, led by the warrior queen ...
Greek and Latin Quotes With Translations - Ancient/Classical History
nullo adversante, unopposed, Tacitus, Tacitus Annals 1.2, Politics referring to Augustus' reign. Eheu fugaces, Postume, Postume, labuntur anni, nec pietas ...
Ancient Biography - Cornelius Nepos - Plutarch - Tacitus - Suetonius
Biography was not a major literary genre in the ancient world. Of course, historians did include some biographical information in their works, but biography , the ...
Tacitus Quote About the Death of the Roman Emperor Nero
"Although Nero's death had at first been welcomed with outbursts of joy, it roused varying emotions, not only in the city among the senators and people and the ...
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