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Roman Temples - Maison Carrée
Located in Nîmes (Roman Nemausus), the Maison Carrée is an elegant, small ( 45'x85'), well-preserved, hexastyle temple. [The hexa (6) refers to the 6 columns ...
The First Temple - Solomon's Temple | Jewish Virtual Library
The crowning achievement of King Solomon's reign was the erection of the magnificent Temple (Hebrew- Beit haMikdash) in the capital city of ancient Israel  ...
Hindu Temples (History, Locations, Architecture)
Although it is not mandatory for a Hindu to visit a temple regularly, they play a vital role in Hindu society and culture. Learn about the basics of what a Hindu ...
The Top Ten Must-See Temples in Bali - Southeast Asia Travel
No visit to Bali would be complete without a trip to see at least one of Bali's temples. There are over 20,000 pura (Balinese for temple) in Bali at last count, ...
Shirley Temple (Non-Alcoholic) Mixed Drink Recipe - Cocktails
How to make a Shirley Temple, that popular non-alcoholic mixed drink of ginger ale, soda, and grenadine that is named for the childhood star.
History of Hindu Temples Through the Ages - Hinduism - About.com
This brief history of Hindu temples aims to recount the journey from its earliest origins through its major developments under the rulers of South India, and its ...
Guide to Bali Temples - Southeast Asia Travel - About.com
An overview of Bali temples - all about their origins, their ceremonies, and their purpose in Bali's fervently religious culture.
Hindu Temples & Organizations - Hinduism - About.com
Homepages of Hindu temples and temple societies in India and around the world - useful for both real and virtual pilgrimage.
5 Must See Bhubaneswar Temples - India Travel - About.com
Bhubaneshwar, Odisha's capital, is renowned for being an ancient city of temples -- after all, there are more than 700 of them there! The majority of these ...
Temple of Apollo at Delphi - Ancient-Greece.org
Central among the number of imposing ruins that are interspersed on the Southern slopes of Parnassos mountain is the temple of Apollo. It is an imposing  ...
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