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Greek Tragedy - Setting the Stage
Greek tragedy and comedy were parts of important religious celebrations in ancient Greece. They gradually became more an art form and source of civic pride ...
Aeschylus Tragedies - The Tragedies of Aeschylus
The Tragedies of Aeschylus.: aeschylus tragedies aristophanes comedies seven against thebes page nbsp ancient rome.
The Names and Dates of the Tragedies of Euripides
An innovator, some aspects of Euripides' tragedy seem more at home in comedy than in tragedy. During his lifetime, Euripides' innovations met with hostility, ...
Shakespeare Tragedies - 10 Plays With Common Features
The Shakespeare tragedies share a number of common features, as this introduction to the Shakespeare tragedies reveals.
What Tragedies Did Shakespeare Write? - About.com
Shakespeare wrote 10 tragedies in total, including some of his most famous and well-read plays. Shakespeare is probably best known for Macbeth and Romeo ...
Shakespeare's Plays Sorted by Tragedy, Comedy, History
Three lists of the plays by William Shakespeare- one for his tragedies, a second for his comedies, and a third for his histories.
Quotes from Shakespeare Plays - The Tragedies
A selection of the most famous quotes from Shakespeare Plays. Here, we focus on the tragedies. Enjoy!
The Tragedies - Shakespeare - About.com
Read Shakespeare's plays first hand on About.com. Here, you can read his tragedy plays alongside annotations to help you understand the text.
Shakespeare: Tragedies Video
Shakespeare's tragedies are among the most famous works of literature of all time. Learn about the characteristics of Shakespeare's tragedies with a quick ...
10 Most Famous Pro Wrestling Tragedies in Past 25 Years
The 10 most famous wrestling tragedies over the past 25 years.
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