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Who Is the Roman Goddess Venus? - Ancient/Classical History
The beautiful goddess Venus is probably most familiar from the armless statue known as the Venus de Milo, displayed at the Louvre, in Paris. The statue is ...
Venus - Venus Information and Venus Pictures - Space/Astronomy
Venus whose Greek equivalent was Aphrodite the Greek goddess of love and beauty. Venus probably got its name from being the brightest object in the sky ...
Venus, Goddess of Love and Beauty - Paganism & Wicca - About.com
The Roman equivalent of Aphrodite, Venus was a goddess of love and beauty. Originally, she was believed to be associated with gardens and fruitfulness, but ...
Venus in Virgo - Personality Traits in Astrology
If your Venus is in Virgo, you're unassuming, reserved and a loyal friend or partner. You may not show a lot of emotion outwardly, but are sensitive to what others ...
Venus - The Love Planet in Astrology
Your Venus in the birth chart....: Learning about your particular Venus sign gives you priceless insight into the ways you draw love, beauty and friendship to you ...
Venus Signs -- Lust for Life, Love and Friendship - About Astrology
How do you Love? Read about Venus signs of the Zodiac.
All About Venus in Pisces - Profile - About Astrology
A profile of Venus in Pisces, with the love and friendship style, along with famous examples.
Venus in Taurus Love Style - About Astrology
If your Venus is in Taurus, you have a distinct solidity about your presence, and you're very huggable. Your caution makes you appear reserved, and you're not ...
Intro to Venus - Love, Contentment, Pleasure, Art, Beauty, Friendship
Venus in myth and its meaning, as a cosmic creatrix, in our love lives, creative self-expression and friendships.
Venus in Aquarius Astrological Traits - About Astrology
Traits of Venus in Aquarius, a freedom lover with eccentric tastes.
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