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How to Shutoff a Water Supply - At the Main
When you need to shut the water supply off to the entire house or when a local plumbing fixture has no local shutoff valve, the place to go is your home's water ...
Shut Off Water At The Main Water Supply Line - Plumbing - About.com
Where to turn off the water at the main water supply line.
How to Shut Off the Water Supply Video - Home Repair - About.com
Shutting off the water supply to your house can be a bit scary especially if you've never done it before. Watch this About.com video to learn the steps.
Install A Dishwasher - Connect The Water Supply Line - Plumbing
As you install a dishwasher you will need to connect it to the water supply line.
How to Shutoff a Water Supply at the Sink or Toilet - Home Repair
Learn how to shutoff water at the main or locally at the plumbing fixture.
Flexible Water Supply Lines for Plumbing
Flexible water supply lines are very useful for connecting the water supply to a plumbing fixture. Read the answers to some frequently asked questions about ...
Gas Hot Water Heater - Water Supply and Discharge - Home Repair
Cold water is provided to the tank by a cold water supply line and controlled by a shutoff valve . It is important to know where the water supply shut off valve is ...
How to Shutoff a Water Supply - Shutoff at the Tub or Shower
Learn how to shutoff water at the main or locally at the plumbing fixture. Page 3.
Install A Dishwasher - Attach Water Supply Line
As you install a dishwasher you will need to attach the water supply line to the fitting under the dishwasher.
How to Shut Off Water Supply to Sink Faucet Video
Find out how to locate the water supply leading to the sink faucet, and how to properly shut it off when you need to.
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