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Ancient Wars

Resources on specific ancient wars and battles.
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Wars and Important Battles
Learn about important wars and battles of the ancient world from articles listed on this page.

Social War
Glossary entry on the Roman Republic's Social War.

Macedonian Wars
The Romans fought four Macedonian Wars between 215 and 148 B.C.

Cimbric War
The Cimbric War was fought between Rome and the northern tribes of Cimbri and Teutones who were trying to settle in Italy.

Jugurthine War
The Jugurthine War was one of the empire-expanding wars fought by the Romans, but it was more important for its leaders than its results.

Spanish Wars Chronology
A chronology of the Spanish Wars that were fought between 153 and 133 B.C.

Illyrian Wars
The Romans fought their neighbors across the Adriatic Sea in the Illyrian Wars, which were around the time of the Punic Wars.

Seleucid War 192-188 B.C.
The Seleucid War was fought by Rome against the Syrian king Antiochus in connection with the Macedonian Wars.

Tarentum and the Pyrrhic War
Tarentum was a colony of Sparta that hired Pyrrhus of Epirus to defend it against Rome.

Early Republican Wars
Major Wars during the Roman Republic.

Samnite Wars
During the three Samnite Wars, the Samnites and Romans fought for control of Italy during the third and fourth century B.C.

Mithridates - Mithridates Poison and the Mithridatic Wars
The three Mithridatic Wars between Rome and Mithridates king of Pontus had a lasting effect on the Roman political world.

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