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Temple of Apollo at Corinth
Temple of Apollo at Corinth

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Temple of Apollo at Corinth

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This picture of ruins shows an archaic period peripteral temple at Corinth thought to be a temple to Apollo. It was built about 540 B.C., according to Corinth, Temple of Apollo (Building), which says this sixth century temple replaces one built in 625. There were 38 columns, but only seven remain. The remaining columns are about 4 meters high with a column base diameter of 1.9 m. The temple had a double cella, one opening west, one opening east, each with two rows of columns and a pronaos.

This temple is one of the oldest surviving temples from ancient Greece. Wilhelm Dörpfeld first excavated the site in 1886. Although the identity of the god for whom this temple was first dedicated is in doubt, it is thought that this is the temple Pausanias (2.3.6) identified.

Picture: CC Institute for the Study of the Ancient World (isawnyu)

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