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Italy - The Peninsula That Included Rome

Rome constantly interacted with people in the peninsula we call Italy, from even before the time legend sets up the first king. Although Rome started as a city, the term Roman is used to refer to those in its empire, including the other Italic people. Today we reverse this and refer to them all as Italians, including the people of Rome. Keep this reversal in mind.

Fast Facts About Italy
Learn some basics about Italy then as now. This was where Rome and the Roman Empire began. Its rivers, mountains, fertility, and shape all helped form the nations that developed.

Growth of Roman Power
Maps of Rome, Italy, and the Roman Empire showing the growth and then diminution of power.

Eruption of Mt. Vesuvius
Mt. Vesuvius is a volcano located in Campania. It erupted spectacularly in A.D. 79 covering much of the area in a volcanic ash blanket that preserved the area for centuries. The city of Pompeii owes its fame to this volcanic mountain.

Map of the Regions of Italy
A public domain map outlining the major regions of ancient Italy.

The Italic Dialects - The Languages of Ancient Rome and Her Neighbors
An introduction to the languages of the the Italic peninsula and in the area of where the Romans settled.

Early Antium
The site of the WWII Battle of Anzio, Antium was an important Italian coastal city from prehistory on.

Antium's Legendary and Historical Record
Following the expulsion of the kings, Antium became a rival city of Rome, and even a colony, but it kept on opposing Rome until it lost its prows.

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