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Fast Facts About the Olympians - The Goddess Athena


Peaceable Athena Statue at the Louvre

Peaceable Athena Statue at the Louvre. Roman marble copy of Greek bronze Athena of Piraeus.

CC Flickr user AZAdam

Fast Facts About the Olympians > Athena

Name: Greek - Athena; Roman - Minerva


Parents: Zeus and Metis
Birth: Born from the head of Zeus, assisted by Hephaestus, Prometheus, Hermes, or Palamaon
Foster Parent: Pallas
Mates: Hephaestus, sort of
Children: Erichthonius [see Athena and the first kings of Athens]

Role of Athena:
Athena is a goddess of wisdom and crafts, war and strategy, and inventions in science, industry, art, and agriculture. She is best known as the olive-giving patron of her namesake Athens.

Canonical Olympian? Yes. Athena is a canonical Olympian.


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