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Fast Facts About the Olympians - The Goddess Hestia


Hestia - Rome 187 Giustiani Hestia at Colosseum

Hestia - Rome 187 Giustiani Hestia at Colosseum

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Fast Facts About the Olympians > Hestia

Name: Greek - Hestia; Roman - Vesta


Parents: Cronus and Rhea
Siblings: Hera, Demeter, Poseidon, Hades, and Zeus. Hestia was the oldest and youngest sibling -- following the regurgitation of the gods by Papa Cronus.
Mates: None
Children: None

Role of Hestia

For Humans: Hestia was goddess of the town and family hearth and the fire in the hearth. She presided over the cooking of meals, the happiness of the home, and the community's harmony.
For Gods: Hestia received part of the offerings to them in every sacrifice. Since the sacrifices required the fire of the hearth altar, Hestia presided over sacrifices to the gods.

Canonical Olympian? No. Hestia, while one of the principal goddesses, is said to have given up her seat to another, probably Dionysus. Besides, Hestia is hearth-bound.


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