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ANE Bodies of Water to ID


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Ancient Near East - Large Bodies of Water Quiz
Ancient Near East Seas to Know

Identify the six large bodies of water that are marked with arrows.

PD Based on a CIA Factbook Map of the Modern Middle East
There are six numbered bodies of water on this picture from the CIA Factbook. They rim the area known in the study of ancient history as the Ancient Near East -- what many modern Westerners refer to as the Middle East. Can you name these seas, lakes, gulfs or whatever?


If you don't remember the names, here they are in alphabetical order. You'll have to go to the next page for the answers.

A. Arabian Sea
B. Black Sea
C. Caspian Sea
D. Mediterranean Sea
E. Persian Gulf
F. Red Sea

Extra Credit: Which Biblically important "sea" gave its name to a set of very important historic documents? (Hint: It's not one of the six listed above.)

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