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Declension of the Latin Pronomial Adjective Nullus

The Latin for None or No


Nullus is classified as an irregular adjective in Latin.

As is customary with the paradigms for Latin declensions, the five main cases are listed on the left, followed, in order, by the masculine, feminine, and neuter, with the singular forms first and the plural forms second.

Singular of Nullus

Nominative: nullus nulla nullum
Genitive: nullius nullius nullius
Dative: nulli nulli nulli
Accusative: nullum nullam nullum
Ablative: nullo nulla nullo

Plural of Nullus

Nominative: nulli nullae nulla
Genitive: nullorum nullarum nullorum
Dative: nullis nullis nullis
Accusative: nullos nullas nulla
Ablative: nullis nullis nullis

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