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The Aeneid of Vergil or Virgil

Vergil is also known as Virgil. Whichever spelling you use, Vergil was counted the greatest Latin poet of the ancient Romans. Virgil's magnum opus, The Aeneid, was saved from flames (despite Vergil's dying request) and has served as a model of literature ever since.
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The Text of Vergil's (Virgil's) 'Aeneid'

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"The Labors of Aeneas - What A Pain It Was To Found The Roman Race" (Rose Williams' Adaptation) and Cobbold's modern English prose translation of Vergil's Aeneid..

Aeneas' Underworld Adventure
When Aeneas, in direct imitation of Odysseus, visits the realm of Dis and Proserpine, the areas of the Underworld are clearly marked out as Tartarus, the land of eternal punishment, and special areas for the innocent, the blessed, and the suicides. There are two pages to this article. The second page concerns Hades' Realm.

See special entry on the Elysian Fields.

Vergil and the Classical Tradition
Although the author, Vergil (or Virgil), is dead, his 'Aeneid' is immortal.

Aeneid Travel Routes
Two public domain maps showing the Aeneid travel routes.

Is it Virgil or Vergil?
The name of the Augustan Age poet and creator of the Roman national epic the Aeneid is sometimes spelled Virgil and sometimes Vergil.

Cumaean Sibyl
Short entry on the Cumaean Sibyl who offered nine books of prophecy to King Tarquin, but he rejected them at first as too costly.

Vergil's Aeneid in Latin
Latin of Vergil's Aeneid

Cobbold Translation of Vergil's 'Aeneid'
A review of G.B. Cobbold's modern English prose translation of Vergil's Aeneid.

Aeneid - Table of Contents
The twelve books of the Aeneid, translated into English.

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