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Definition: Cleanthes [thought to be from the Pontic region] (c.331-c.232 B.C.) succeeded the founder of Stoicism, Zeno of Citium, as the school's head from c. 261 until he died -- at the age of almost 100, when Chrysippus succeeded him. Cleanthes believed man should live consistently with nature. He wrote a hymn to Zeus of which 38 lines in hexameter survive. In this hymn, Cleanthes pantheistically portrays Zeus as a spirit permeating and ruling the universe. Cleanthes looked to physics as the base for ethics.


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Also Known As: Cleanthes of Assos
An English translation, by Edward Henry Blakeney (1921), of the Hymn of Cleanthes begins:
Most glorious of Immortals, mighty God,
Invoked by many a name, O sov'ran King
Of universal Nature, piloting
This world in harmony with Law, -- all hail!

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