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Bronze Statuette of Asclepius - Roman (A.D. 100-150)

Bronze Statuette of Asclepius - Roman (A.D. 100-150)

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Asclepius Basics
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Apollo was the father of Asclepius, and his mother was either Coronis or Arsinoe. Since the mother died before Asclepius was born, Apollo entrusted the infant Asclepius to the centaur Chiron. Chiron taught Asclepius the healing arts and then Asclepius went on to bring mortals back to life after death. For this transgression Zeus struck Asclepius down with a thunderbolt. Although this killed Asclepius, he is, nonetheless a god of healing and medicine.

Children of Asclepius are: Janiscus, Alexenor, Aratus, Hygieia, Aegle, Iaso, and Panaceia [source Theoi - Asclepius].

Also Known As: Asculapius; Paeëon
Temples of Asclepius were built throughout Greece as places of healing, like modern hospitals. The most important center for Asclepius in Greece was at Epidaurus. Asclepius is shown holding a serpent-entwined staff.

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