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Alexander the Great

Information on Alexander the Great: the history and pictures, campaigns and empire of Alexander the Great, legends and articles and the part he played in the spread of Hellenistic culture.
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Map of Alexander's Conquest of India
Map showing how little of India Alexander conquered.

Overview of the Battle at Issus
The first of the Battles at Issus, and the one usually referred to, was fought by Alexander the Great against the Great King of Persia Darius III.

Alexander the Great Study Guide - Important Facts
Alexander the great study guide.

Review: 'Alexander the Great and His Empire,' by Pierre Briant
Review of Alexander the Great and His Empire, by Pierre Briant

Alexander the Great Quiz 1 - The Early Years
Two Alexander the Great quizzes.

Was Alexander a Greek?
Was Alexander the Great a Greek?

Was Alexander the Great a Blond?
Was Alexander the Great a Blond?

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