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Amazons - Women Warriors

Legends about the amazons, the ancient women warriors, what we know about amazons from mythology, linguistics, archaeology, Strabo, and Herodotus.

Ancient Women Warriors
Ancient queens and other women who led their people into battle: Amazons, Queen Artemisia, Queen Boudicca, Queen Samsi, Queen Tomyris, Trung Sisters, Queen Zenobia.

Amazons Identity Questions
Who were the Amazons? Were they man-haters who cut off a breast?

Review - "Last of the Amazons"
Review of Steven Pressfield's novel on the Amazons.

Review - "Warrior Women"
In "Warrior Women," Jeannine Davis-Kimball excavates the steppes and looks at artifacts around the world in her pursuit of the true and honored place of women in ancient societies. Also see the Archaeology Guide's review.

Amazons and Heroes
About the mythological heroes who fought and conquered the Amazons.

Top Myths About Ancient History
It's a little harder to prove that myths about ancient history are false than it is to disprove myths about more modern eras, but the prevailing opinion is that the following ideas are wrong.

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