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Ambrose - Saint / Bishop of Milan

Biographies and resources for the patron saint of learning, St. Ambrose, the Bishop of Milan, who opposed the Arian Heresy and was active in the court of Emperors Gratian and Theodosius. He used his personal fortune to ransom captives taken by the Goths.
  1. Theodosius

Galla Placidia
Galla Placidia was named "augusta" or empress of the western half of the Roman Empire and ruled as regent for her young son Valentinian III during the first half of the fifth century.

St. Ambrose 1911 Encyclopedia Entry on St. Ambrose
A biography of St. Ambrose from the 1911 Encyclopedia.

St. Ambrose
Quick profile of St. Ambrose.

Catholic Encyclopedia's biography of Ambrose focuses largely on his relations with the imperial court and his writing.

St. Ambrose
Accounts of St. Ambrose's piety and goodness, including his giving his fortune to ransom captives taken by the Goths, from Catholic Online Saints.

Theodoret: St. Ambrose Humiliates Theodosius the Great
The story of the humiliation and penance St. Ambrose, the bishop of Milan, inflicted upon Theodosius the Great, as written by Theodoret (c.393-466), in his Ecclesiastical History.

Writing of St. Ambrose
Editions, Translations, Biographies and Authorities for the Life of St. Ambrose, Dogmatic and Controversial Works, Exegetical Works, Ethical Writings, Sermons and Addresses, The Letters of St. Ambrose, Hymns, Doubtful and Spurious Works, and Lost Writings of St. Ambrose.

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