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Definition: Daughter of the Sumerian god El, and Baal's sister, Anat is an archer, virgin, and nursemaid to the gracious gods. Anat was called the Lady of Heaven and Mistress of all gods. Sometimes Anat is the daughter of the Egyptian god Re. The primary capacity of Anat is goddess of the hunt, the mistress of animals. Anat traveled to the Underworld to rescue her brother, Baal.


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Alternate Spellings: Anath
In the story of Anat an Aqhat, Aqhat has a bow that the hunter Anat covets. Aqhat refuses her offers and insults Anat saying hunters should not be women. Offended, Anat asks El if she can punish the mortal hero. El agrees. Anat offers to go with Aqhat to the city of the moon where they would live together. Anat gets Yatpan to agree to help Anat steal the bow, but instead he kills Aqhat.


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