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Poppaea Sabina

Poppaea Sabina


Poppaea Sabina - Claim to Fame:

Poppaea Sabina was the mistress of one Roman emperor, Nero, at the same time she was the wife of Marcus Salvius Otho -- later to become one of the emperors in the year of the four. Otho was sent off to be governor of Lusitania in A.D. 58. It was as a result of Nero's relations with Poppaea Sabina, who was 7 years his senior, that Nero and his mother Agrippina had a falling out. Nero divorced his childless first wife and married the pregnant Poppaea in A.D. 62.

Reported Manner of Poppaea's Death:

Poppaea gave birth to a daughter to Nero, in A.D. 63, Claudia Augusta, who died at four months. [Poppaea Sabina was also awarded the title "Augusta".] Poppaea Sabina became pregnant again, but according to Suetonius, Nero kicked her in the abdomen causing her death. At her death in A.D. 65, Poppaea was given divine honors.

Family of Poppaea Sabina:

Poppaea Sabina's maternal grandfather was Gaius Poppaeus Sabinus -- a consul. Poppaea's father was Titus Ollius (d. 31 A.D.), a casualty of the period of Tiberius' reign dominated by Sejanus. Poppaea adopted her grandfather's more illustrious name.

Poppaea's First Husband:

Otho wasn't the first cuckolded husband of Poppaea. She had become Otho's mistress while married to her first husband, Rufius Crispinus, praefect of the praetorian troops under Claudius. With Rufius Crispinus Poppaea Sabina had a son.


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