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Ancient Near East Maps

Ancient maps of the Ancient Near East.

Asia Minor Maps
Asia Minor

Euphrates - What Is the Euphrates
The Euphrates is one of the two main rivers in Mesopotamia.

Near East Maps
Maps of the Ancient Near East.

Armenia Map
A map of Armenia.

Near East Maps - Maps of the Ancient Near East and Middle
Maps of the Ancient Near East and maps of the ancient Middle East.

Cities of Ancient Asia Minor
List of the major cities in ancient Asia Minor.

Regions of Ancient Asia Minor
The regions of ancient Asia Minor.

Baghdad (in modern Iraq) is the modern name of a city on the Tigris River north of Babylon.

Nippur - Sacred City of Enlil - Map of Mesopotamia
Map of ancient Mesopotamia showing Mari, Ninevah, Nimrud, Assur, Khorsabad, Nuzi, Eshnunna, Sippar, Babylon, Nippur, Mashkan-Shapir, Borsippa, Kish, Dilbat, Kutu, Adab, Susa, Adab, Isin, Girsu, Lagash, Ur, Eridu, the Diyala, Karkeh, Tigris and Euphrates rivers and the Zagros Mountains.

Babylonian Clay Tablet World Map
Circular map from 600 B.C. which if the interpretive redrawing is correct shows Babylon, Armenia, and the Bitter River.

Babylonian Clay Tablet World Map
Circular map from 600 B.C., which, if the interpretive redrawing is correct, shows Babylon, Armenia, and the Bitter River.

Mesopotamian City Plan
Map of Nippur, 1500 B.C.

Nippur, Sacred City of Enlil
B&W map of rivers and cities from the Khabur to the Karkeh River and from Khorsbad to Eridu, Susa to Mari.

Map of the Roman Empire Detail
Click on map for closeup. Map shows Mesopotamia, Armenia, Syria, and Media.

Located about 50 mi. south of modern Amman, Petra was established in the 6th C BC by nomads and as a commercial empire extended into Syria.

Map showing areas and time periods for Sumer, Akkadian Empire, and the Old Kingdom of Egypt.

Town Plan
Wall drawing from Catal Hyük, 6200 B.C.

1650 Map of Canaan
B&W map of the dead sea from Thomas Fuller's A Pisgah-sight of Palestine. Shows Sodom and Gomorrah.

Ancient Jerusalem
356K JPG city map showing elevations, landmarks, modern and ancient walls.

Ancient Mesopotamia
Map of Akkad, Babylonia, Assyria, and Sumer located alongside the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers. Major cities and other rivers included in line drawing.

The Assyrians
Map showing the empire from 1800-1600, 1244-1208, and 699-627 B.C.; includes major cities, including Tarsus, Sidon, Tyre, Jerusalem, Babylon, Ur, Susah and Ninevah, and the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers.

Canaan Map
Map of Lebanon, marked with place names believed to be of Canaanite origin.

Bible Maps
Successive World Kingdoms. Maps of Persia, Babylon, Assyria, 640-500 BC. Eventually spanning from Libya and Macedonia in the West to the end of the Persian Gulf in the East, maps show the outlines of each empire.

A Glimpse of Yesterday
In addition to showing the place name variations between Aramaic, Canaanite, and Arabic, site explains the arbitrary temporal and geographic distinctions between Ancient Near East and Middle East.

Lebanon Map
Map of modern Lebanon showing Syria and the Mediterranean Sea.

Map of Ancient Iran
Large JPEG file showing the extent of the Persian Empire with cities. Iran of the Achaemenids.

Clay Tablet
Town plan map from Ga-Sur, 2500 B.C. with a redrawn map showing what may have been on the original.

Eastern Mediterranean Map
Map shows the Nile, Araxata, Istanbul, the Danube, Sardis, Ephesus, Alexandria, the Tigris and Euphrates.

The Earliest Known Map
Monograph to accompany a slide of a clay Babylonian map from 6200 BC. Conjectures on earlier map making. Includes bibliography.

Maps of ancient Anatolia, including prehistoric Anatolia, the Anatolia of the Hittites, and Asia Minor in the time of Alexander the Great.

Travel Maps of Turkey
Map of modern Anatolia in Turkey, showing cities.

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