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Bingley Austen

By Bingley Austen

Bingley Austen first became interested in the classical civilisations of Greece and Rome as a child in England through re-tellings of myths. When he started grammar school just before his 12th birthday, Latin was still a compulsory subject. He enjoyed the lessons and found he was good at it, so it seemed natural a year later, when offered the choice of Greek, German or Russian as a 3rd language, to choose Greek. When the time came to start 'A' level study (at age 16), he chose Greek, Latin and Ancient History.
For the most part, he abandoned Classics at university but did manage to squeeze in courses on Ancient Greek religion and Greek and Roman drama.
Despite not continuing with formal study of Classics, he still maintained a keen interest in anything to do with Greece and Rome. After a series of office jobs he became an EFL teacher, which is what took him to SE Asia, where he now lives and works as an editor and translator.
Apart from reading the occasional novel set in Greece or Rome, he didn't have much chance to follow his interests in classical civilisation in SE Asia until he got internet access in the mid 1990s, and at about the same time Jakarta got some big English-language bookshops. One of the first internet forums he joined encouraged members to take pseudonyms in the form of character + author, hence Bingley Austen (he couldn't really see himself as Darcy).

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