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Which Is the Most Famous Ancient Horse?


Mosaic of the Battle of Issus showing Alexander and Bucephalus, from House of the Faun in Pompeii.

Battle of Issue mosaic showing Alexander on Bucephalus

Public Domain. Courtesy of Wikipedia.
Question: Which Is the Most Famous Ancient Horse?
Answer: If you don't care whether the horse was living or inanimate, then the answer is the Trojan Horse, but assuming you do want a living horse, there are two possible ones, plus the centaurs, especially Cheiron, who taught so many of the youthful mythological heroes. One of the two is mythological, the winged horse Pegasus who sprang from the severed neck of his mother Medusa. The other horse is probably equally famous and has the advantage of having been a real, living horse, an Equus ferus caballus. This animal was the beloved black horse of Alexander the Great named Bucephalus.

Honorable Mention

  1. The annual October Horse
  2. Incitatus: the Roman emperor Caligula's pampered horse
  3. Sleipnir: Loki's son and Odin's steed.

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